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15 lakh is not a matter of joke

More than 15 lakh people visit Sagar Island, WB during Gangasagar Mela

Gangasagar Mela held in Sagar Island within Sundorbans of West Bengal, every year is the second largest fare in India. Every year more than 15 lakh people, mostly devotees and saints arrive in this sacred island to have a holy dip in the confluence of Ganga river and The Bay of Bengal sea. Though it is just 100  kilomiter away from the megacity Kolkata, but reaching at the Sagar Island is painful because of the river crossing scenario and post river crossing communication system. There is no bridge on the river due its vastness nearing the confluence, Vessels and launch are the only way to reach the island and not all time vessel services can run due to low tide. Travellers have to stand in endless queue for hours to cross the river and avail a conveyance to reach the temple or the beach. The beach on the day of Poushsankrati bears a crowd of 15 lakhs or more, still every year devotees arrive here for spiritual purpose from corners of India in faith.

Vast river to cross to reach Sagar island


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