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Child beggar is worst than child labor.

Updated: Jan 30

A child beggar is worst than a child labor. Child labors are those unfortunate child bellow the age of 14, started working to stand besides their family with earnings by means of working as a labor or helper or any low grade jobs. Whether children of wealthy families of the same age groups use to attain their studies by going to school. On the contrary child beggars are those very unfortunate children, mostly orphans, we see on roads to beg either for some owner or for family or for themselves. In reality child labors can practice certain skills but the child beggars do not have the opportunity to learn skills to feed them and in future they becomes hooligans or gangster and even thief, based on their qualities.

It is not a sign of a healthy society and a progressive government if either of the two persist. Many government now a days published laws to stop child labors and various organizations to look after orphans but in poor countries like India there is abandon of both the types of children and social abuse you can see every now and then. Our government have to be strong to enforce the existing laws and also our peoples of the society have to come a step ahead to fight against these social abuse to build a healthy society where every child will have equal opportunity to learn and play as like the privileged ones.


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