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Gangasagar Fare at a glance

As a South24 Pargana dweller and my father being a travel lover

I had the opportunity to visit Ganga Sagar 3 times before thins year (2017). An imagination from past created the urge within myself to visit the sacred place on the occult festive time, when people from round the globe with different authenticity, race and religion meets at the same point where the River Ganges meets Bay of Bengal after traveling 2,525 km (1,569 mile) path starting from Foot of Gangotri Glacier, at Gaumukh, at an elevation of 3,892 m on the great Himalayan mountains.

This year Sankrati was on 14th January and I started my quest on 13th. Reached Lakshmikantapur by a local train from Sealdah south that starts from there on 5.12 am and reaches Lakshmikantapur just before the sun rise, as a result got an spectacular view of sunrise from the railway foot over bridge. From there boarded the Nammkhana local train at around 6.45 am, with the actual Gangasagar pilgrim.


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