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How to reach Ganga Sagar?

There are various ways to reach Ganga Sagar island. But before hand you have to come down to the 2 jetties either via road or rail, as follows:

1. Cross the river from the lot 8/ Hardwood Point of Kakdweep to Kachuberia Jetty of Sagar island and take a bus or a maxi from there to reach the Mela ground that is approx 3o km away.

2. Travel maximum train/road rout to reach Namkhana, from there a 1 hour and 15 minutes of steamer journey to cross the river MmoorieGanga and reach either Madhuban or Chemagudi Jetty ghat of Sagar island and a 12 km or so road journey to reach mela ground.

3. From Kolkata, babughat there are direct water transportation to Sagar island in a boat or a steamer to any of the 3 jetties mentioned above.

4. If you are in a group, then hiring a suitable steamer or a boat and float with the water to the island where it empties itself to the sea.

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