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Importance of gardening for butterflies

We are hungry fellow, we are busy. We do not have time for others what should we do with this topic. BULL SHIT. Go to hell. But let's rethink.. Do we need a world of concrete, where there will be no space for other animals, except museum and books? What about beautiful butterflies, do you become happy if an magnificent butterfly floats around you.. Take a gun and shoot it. You do not require them. Yet there are lots of benefits of insects like a butterfly to human life besides making you happy with its elegant beauty. Lets take a look on some of them:

Maintaining ecosystem by acting as a food source to predators like birds, spiders, lizards and other animals and maintain natural food chain. Many agricultural corps and other plants and trees pollinated due to butterfly feeding. Butterfly attracts ecotourism and a part of science research and their body parts along with the life cycle, the transformation process from caterpillar to pupa is part of study for the young students. Human arts is heavily inspired by and referenced by this most beautiful insect family. There is a cultural benefits of butterfly as the symbols of souls, freedom, love and peace for many religions.

With so many crucial benefits can't we make some spaces for a garden, how small it can be to grow flower plants full of nectar to feed and grow butterfly and other insect for our own reasons?

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