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The history and the myth

The history and the myth:

The confluence ahead

Gangasagar or Sagardwip or Sagar island is situated at the confluence of Bayofbengal and river Hoogly, the main branch, that ignited from Farakka from Ganga river. It’s an island located on the the Sagar Block in Kakdwip subdivision of Sundarbans roughly 100 km south of Kolkata.

The myth says, Bhagirath, the only grandson of Emperor Sagar, meditated and satisfied

The main Idols within Kapil muni’s temple

Shiva to bring and to flow Ganga on earth starting from Gangotri and to dissolve in the sea from Bengal to conduct sradhya of 60,000 sons of Emperor Sagar and free their souls from Hell, who were burned by Kapil muni, and send their souls to Hell, as they disturbed meditating Rishi Kapil who was an incarnation of Vishnu and a great saint too. These 60,000 sons of Emperor Sagar was sent by the Emperor himself to gain world wide supremacy by conducting Ashvamedha yagna. The sons were to travel the world with an empty horse, who ever challenge will call for a war with the horse owner. While the sons of Sagar was to complete their travel, Indra hide their horse near Kapil muni’s Ashrama where Muni was meditating. The sons found the horse and thought Kapil muni to be the victim. They disturbed him and in rage he burned the sons of Sagar.

The second largest fare is Gangasagar Mela after Kumbha Mela in India, and it is conducted in memory of Rishi Kapil who was the son of Kardam Muni. It is the third temples of Kapil muni as previous 2 temples are already under sea due to storm and sea level increase due to Global Warming.

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