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You can return smiles to their faces

Most of the poor villagers, mostly farmers and fishers, of rural Bengal especially in south bengal, live in eco friendly huts made of mud walls. The recent super cyclone namely Amfan has demolished over a lakh of these types of huts only in South Bengal and brought the families dwelling there into the road. River bunks and weak barrages broke and salty sea water entered into the villages and flooded vast areas including farming fields and fish cultivating sweet water ponds. The harvested crops are destroyed and roughly 5 years the flooded farming lands will remain beyond use. All fishes of the flooded sweet water ponds are dead. At this moment the area lacks food to eat water to drink and needs a high level of attention to survive.

Donation in the form of money and other resources to the reliable NGOs helping the affected people is very essential. It's our social responsibility to spread our helping hands to them and stand beside them in these dreadful days.

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